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What is actually a Refractario Oven?

To begin with, it can not be compared with a brick oven.

If your choice when buying is based solely on price, we are not your best bet.
We tell you why.

If you sell 40 pizzas a day you're going to rub 120 times a day metal shovel on the floor of the oven (brick euro 0.50) on average milion and a half times a year; I imagine it will be brick?
Obviously you need a stronger and more durable material.

do accounts:
Brick oven: 120 mm $ 0.50 (brick cost) x 300 pieces 300 euro, but other materials and workmanship we totals Euro 700, it is obvious that you can sell to $ 2500 with good profit margins

Say the refractory compound is more expensive and therefore more reistente heat to mechanical wear.

Horno sin ensamble

Again and again we wonder why we do not do cheap or brick ovens.

  • There are good brick ovens on the market. The problem is that the bricks are for fireplace, very few in Alumina (10/20%) or casting furnaces, which

  • Are often very thick and only reflect heat.

  • To make a good vault, each brick must be cut 4 times, with a separation not exceeding 3 mm to prevent cracking heat.

  • At the end a brick oven could do the same or better than a similarly costly and laborious but serious refractory compound.

  • A brick oven is not ideal for a gas burner.

FINANCED OUR OVEN costs 9 euros a day for 2 years.

                  An electric furnace -25 spends on average 20 euros a day.

A Italiaforni PRO 90, for example, has a demonstrable cost of 9 euros a day. Only daily savings amortizes your investment in our furnaces in less than 2 years.





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