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Hornos de leña

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Each brand has a formula  that determines the duration, consumption, performance, mechanical resistance, etc.
Our formula has been tested and improved over the years, increasing productivity, performance, fuel saving, isolation and lifespan.

Main added values:

  • Floor always hot and always ready in the high production moments.

  • Refractory and steel parts, not bricks.

  • Thousands of Euros  saved in fuel costs (gas, electricity or wood) combustion testable.

  • CE approved.

como hacer tu Horno de Leña italiano.


The smallest of the professional range. It works with wood, gas or electric system and can produce up to 60 pizzas in an hour.


Small combustion chambers suffer more wear if the oven is used every day, but for a very affordable price, this oven has a shelf life of 7/8 years, working daily in restaurant hours.


It is ideal for small business cafeterias 30- or 60 pizzas a day.
Its measures: 100 x 80 cm



Ideal for a small Pizzeria.
Up to 3 pizzas every 90 seconds with gas, wood or both.
Sufficient for a 10 -12 tables Restaurant.

Ideal also for domestic use.
Monthly expenses: Euro -180 150 cubic meters or 2/3 firewood
Gas: 250-320 Euros (natural gas 10/25% less)
External dimensions: 130 x 140 cm
Weight: 700 kg


horno de leña horno de pizza

PRO 100

Intermediate oven. Up to 4 pizzas every two minutes with gas, wood or hybrid.
It has a little more space available if you want to use the oven completely firewood.
Monthly expenses: € 180 -250 Euro or 3/4 cubic meters of firewood
Gas: € 280-330 Euro (natural gas 10/25% less)
Diameter: 100 cms.
External dimensions: 140 x 150 cm
Weight: 800 kg

Price: According requested features.

Hornos de leña barato
Hornos de Leña Para pizzerias.

PRO 120

Our best-selling model. It can produce up to 6 Pizzas 32 cms. every 2 minutes, making mixed kitchen or home delivery without any major problems with the right staff.
It works with gas, wood or hybrid.
It is ideal for daily production of bread for the restaurant, pizzas, steaks, etc. for a local feel
up to 60 people per service.
Monthly expenses: € 250 -320 Euro 4/5 or cubic meters of firewood
Gas: 280-350 Euro (natural gas 10/25% less).
Diameter: 120 cm
External dimensions: 140 x 150 cm
Weight: 1000 kg

Price: According requested features.


A large oven, with great features.
It is preferred by the pizzaiolos and Chefs.
It is perfect for restaurants traditional Spanish cuisine: lamb, pork, poultry and fish. It is also ideal for large pizzerias and small artisan bakeries.

Inner Diameter: 140 cm
External dimensions: 180 x 190 cm
Weight 1500 kg
Price: According requested features.

 Hornos de Leña de gran capacidad.

PRO 185

hornos de leña  para grandes roducciones

Our Titan.
It is 1.80 meters in diameter and
2500 kg of pure productivity. If you have a successful restaurant, hotel or a meeting room ... this is the oven you need.

Hornos de leña somos Fabricantes
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